Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Ian is amazing...

So yesterday was ANZAC day, so we are emailing today!!

Ian got baptised! And it was amazing! We went by his place at 10am to remind him to pack a towel, and he was already dressed, and excited to go! He got there at 3pm, which left lots of time for pictures!!! He was dunked a total of 3 times, but he told us that someone knew about his mischievous past, and understood he needed an extra couple of cleans! He was confirmed on Sunday, and oh wow is he loved! There was so much food after the baptism! Sister Ballif made her cookies, they where veryyyyy popular!

We have a few super cool investigators progressing super well for the 13th and 14th of may, so prayers for Stephen,. Chris and Evelyn!

It has started to get colder, and a lot wetter. It is different from home, in that well its not quite as bad, but I have realised my clothing and shoe choices did not factor in this weather! Some I am going to have to buy some rain boots, if anyone knows where in Blacktown area sells cute Chelsea rainboots, help a sister out!! I also have failed to find any witchhazel blemish sticks.... Australia really struggles to keep me happy sometimes! But I wouldn't be anywhere else in the world right now!

Going to try and do a few personal replies today, sorry I am super bad at that part!!

Love you all, I am super grateful for all the support I have been given!!

Sister Dorman

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