Monday, 23 May 2016

Sue and Sunshine

G'day to you all!

After 11 weeks in Australia I finally had my first Australian say g'day. It was actually a slight shock for S. Ballif and I.
So it has been the best week, and I am not really sure why... it just has. My sleep is improving, so I am starting to feel better about life. I feel myself changing in a good way. I am recognising the beautiful blessings and miracles given to me each day. There is a true light that comes from a belief in Jesus Christ, from the knowledge that I am a loved child of God.
This morning I was reading Doctrine and Covenants, Section 123. Verse 13 really caught me!
"Therefore, that we should waste and wear out our lives in bringing to light all the hidden things of darkness wherein we know them; and they are truly manifest from heaven."
This is what I have the privilege of doing bringing that light, that "brightness of hope" (2 Nephi 31:20) to all who seek it, to all who need it.
As disciples as members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints we are required to humble ourselves before God (D&C 20:37). We are invited to acknowledge Him as our Father in heaven, and submit ourselves fully to Him. We are invited to be humble that we might fully serve Him (Exodus 10:3).
When I am able to consider all that the Saviour suffered, I am humbled. When I consider that Heavenly Father allowed His son to die for me and all of us, I am overwhelmed. These emotions are motivation to me that I might more fully serve Him. That I might truly stand as a witness.
So funny story!! On Sunday morning we went by Ian at like 0750am. He takes sleeping medication and has missed his life to church a few Sunday mornings. We knocked and knocked, called his name, and there was no response. Through the window we could see he had carefully laid out his white shirt and suit, so we know he wanted to come. He had left his front door unlocked, so we opened it and called his name. He was asleep on the sofa, and still did not stir!! We where kind of laughing kind of worried. Finally we ran in a shook him a little, he pulled the blanket off his face and said... 'Sorry Sue'. He is so dang amazing!!! Here we are walking into his house, wakening him up from a deep sleep... and he apologises to us?!? Haha. We left him at 8.20am and ran to the other side of Doonside, and walked with Chris to his first Sunday at Church! We laughed so hard as we thought about Ian, and when we got to Church there he was, white shirt and suit in the front row!
I love this area, and all the people so much!!! Transfer calls are on Saturday, and we think we are both going to leave so this week we are going to try and get so much done so that the new missionaries can pick up all the wonderful people we work with!
I want to take this chance to bear you all my testimony. I know the Church is true. I know that Jesus Christ is my brother, my Saviour and Redeemer. I know that God is my loving Heavenly Father and because of the Atonement I can return to live with Him. I know that the Book Of Mormon is another testament of Jesus Christ, given to us through revelation from God to the Prophet Joseph Smith. I know that we have a true Prophet here on earth, and that Thomas S. Monson is able to receive revelation to help us all. I know that I have been called of God and that as I serve I am able to rely solely on the Holy Spirit to teach and testify the truthfulness of this message.
I love you all. This journey is hard but I feel all the love and prayers shared for me, and all the other missionaries out serving.
Be kind to each other!!

Love you all,
Sister Dorman

The beautiful Australian sunset!

Yup just a random goat strolling around Doonside!

These are the daughters of an investigator... Amok (3) is wearing Sister Ballif's shoes, and Anor (1 1/2) is using her cane... lessons are always super fun when these two are around!

Monday, 16 May 2016

long week...

Hello everybody!!

Well this week seemed super long? Not sure why, but it did.

The weather has changed here, even in the sun you feel a coldness to the air. It is hard to imagine a big heavy coat just yet, but there is a need for layers. There has still not been an awful lot of rain, nothing beats the smell of the grass after a rain shower. Reminds me so much of home.

There isn't to much to tell about the work. Steven Amosa was baptized on Saturday. We had trade offs during the week, and we definitely have a lot of new people to meet with. On Friday night we taught a man and his family. We thought the lesson was going super well, when he asked us what we wanted him to do... Baptism of course. Well, he started to get super argumentative, and would not take the Book of Mormon. He wanted us to come and do a Friday night prayer meeting, where they pray all night for miracles. Thank goodness for a curfew... He has a strong testimony of the Saviour, but seems confused by the concept that faith alone is not enough... Faith requires us to act.

We are required to act... That is what faith is, a hope that requires action. That action may be baptism, daily scripture study, or family prayer. There are many things we all know will help us to improve that relationship, that we need to do better. Sometimes it is hard to focus or motivate... but Heavenly Father will always bless us for our efforts. So, what is it that you need to do better?

Love to you all!

Sister Dorman

Monday, 9 May 2016

250 Chocolate Chip Cookies...

So my wonderful companions cookie making skills where taken to the next level as she embarked to make 250 cookies for the members this week... We don't actually know how many where made, but all the ingredients are gone, and the members are all smiling!!
I don't have any good recipes, if anybody wants to send me some, for anything, I would appreciate it!!

This is Sylvie, she is the very loveable dog of one of our investigators, Stef! Sylvie made a hasty escape when we came to visit, and went and rolled in some rotten food in the park. So we did the only thing we could, we washed her!! So much fun, and there are photos that I shall send you all next week!

YOU'VE GOT MAIL!! You can call me Meg!! Haha, many thanks to all the wonderful people who show me sooooo much love!! I promise, my face when I got them was even smilier!!!

Selfies on the train, my very patient companion suffered through this!! We had the best sandwiches ever in Paramatta train station! So good!!

They where backburning the bush this week, so this is what it looks like when there is a bush fire! My camera corrects some it, but it gives you an idea! Really pretty, from a bad cause! But yup... Australia!!

​Sister Ballif lost her shoes and her stick last night to the cutest kids!! They are always so full of energy! We are teaching their family, from Sudan! Oh man cutest kids!!

Just random birds chilling on a fence!!

Love you all heaps!!

Send me pictures!!
Send me letters!!!
Send me prayers!!!!!

Sister Dorman

Monday, 2 May 2016

27 minutes of freedom...

Hello my beautiful people!!
Wow, week 9 in the field?? CRAZY!!

This past week has been very challenging, and I am really feeling it! My lack of sleep has made me extremely emotional, and we have had to take it a little easier. And as if that wasn't enough for S.Ballif, well she has hurt her knee, and is currently hobbling around on a cane. Hopefully it helps, because unfortunately she is also feeling a bit sick today. I really should take better care of my companion, considering my previous vocation. We have to go to an appointment at the mission office later today, hopefully she has some post - to cheer her up! Nobody can understand how much post means to a missionary. It is wayyyyy better than email time or pday!
Nothing terribly funny has happened this past week, probably because we have spent quite some time in the flat. This morning we caught another mouse! That is two captured!! We might have to admit defeat, and rely on a terminator.
Oh actually, there is something that happened. I got left behind on the train platform... 27 minutes without my other half. judging by the hug when we found each other I missed her more than she missed me!!!

Enos 1:15 - Ask believing He will answer!
Keep reading
Keep trusting
Keep asking
Never forget there is more to learn!!!

I love you all immensely!!

Sister Dorman x