Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Temple Pday!!!

Hey everybody, because of Easter, Temple Pday and Interviews, our schedule changes a little at the moment, but hey I am here!!

Ok so...
Tuesday We went to the Temple, oh my goodness, It was amazing! It has been so weird to be around the Temple and not be able to go inside, so to go through was very much needed. Very peaceful!! I haven't been sleeping very well, so S. Ballif and I stayed for the night at the mission home. Oh it was like being a kid again, home cooked food, a bedtime! Haha, but I loved it! I love Sister Checketts, she makes such good food! And President Checketts, well he is just great!! So yeah, didn't really sort out my sleeping, but I got well fed!!!
On Wednesday I got home to a package from Helen Gilmour, and the Valiant Class in Portadown Ward! Oh my heck!! I was so excited!!! Thank you guys, I posted you a letter! Hopefully it gets there soon!!! It was lots of easter treats!!! Oh so much fun - no mini eggs though!! Haha
Thursday we had our first new member lesson with Thomas, awh that guy is great!! He would make a great missionary... (wink wink!)!! Teaching has been getting better, I am learning to recognise what is me, and what is the Spirit... It makes it wayyyy easier!! We had a great lesson with an investigator on Friday, hoping she will get an answer about a date pretty soon!!
On Saturday the Ward Council held a fast for missionary work! We all met together and ate before hand... Polynesian style! Got to love them people, they know what it is to serve missionaries!! Watched the General Womens Session that night in the Stake Centre, and got to see S. Watts - I need to figure out getting a picture with her... we just get talking and I forget!! Sunday, awh I love F&TM, its just an amazing feeling to be surrounded by such pure testimony's of the Gospel. Ian was able to come again, and is really progressing well! Still on date for a few week, prayers for him would be appreciated! The ward is really making him feel welcome and loved.
We had Interviews with President and Sister Checketts yesterday! I love them too!! We got more cookies... so good! I am just so grateful for their love and guidance. I am reminded daily how much they love and care for all of us! They really are the best! I spoke with President about how I am so grateful for S. Ballif and her example. She is super obedient, and I am learning from her! I am seeing the blessings and miracles from exact obedience.

What I love most about this area, apart from my companion? The bus drivers!! Lots are members, but even the ones who aren't, they know us, and are always so friendly!! You also meet the most interesting people on the buses!!!
Missing!! Terry's chocolate oranges... mint munchies.... and RAIN!! I swear that I am not lying when I say this! And yes people, I am wearing sunscreen!!

This week I have been studying the Plan of Salvation, wow studying as a missionary is super different! There is an article in the Ensign (July 2015, God's Plan For Families) and it reminds me of just what Heavenly Father wishes for us! Marriage and family relationships, made possible by the Creation and the Fall, are made eternal through the Atonement of Jesus Christ! The promises of D&C 132:19-20 IS PURE!! Those who marry in the Temple and remain faithful to their covenants are promised that they shall forever become like God, because they will enjoy the continuation of the family unit FOREVER. He never intended marriage to perish after death, he wants us all to have those eternal blessings!!

I love you all!!
I haven't read all emails this week, because we don't get to watch conference until next week... I don't want the spoilers!! But I have posted some letters! So hopefully they all arrive soon!

Letters are epic!!!

Lots of love!!
Sister Dorman

Sister Dorman,
Australia Sydney North Mission
756 Pennant Hills Rd,
NSW 2118,

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