Sunday, 22 November 2015

When you meet an Apostle of the Lord!

There was a Special All Ireland Fireside with M. Russell Ballard, Quorum of the Twelve Apostles in Dublin Stake Building last night (Saturday November 21st). And I got to be there!!

(The date was originally Thursday)

We got there early, and managed to get seated on the FRONT ROW! I know, pretty jammy! Well, guess who was there with Elder Ballard, Elder Kearon! And his wife. Well, the conference was pretty amazing. Sister Kearon gave an amazing talk, you know people who you just can't help but smile when you see them? She has the spirit just oozing out of her. I think she is the first person who has ever captured me like that. It was amazing! But anyway, yeah Stake President (Dublin) O'Farrell gave a talk. And the thing that he said that really struck me was - 
Be more generous in sharing the Gospel!
Members give information
Missionaries give information and an invitation!
What a powerful thing!!

Elder Ballard spoke about addressing our sins now! He taught that mortality is not something to survive, it is a time to learn and change and grow. Our bad habits will accompany us to the next life, our body will be resurrected with those human desires still in place. It is much easier to repent when the body and spirit are together!

Afterwards Elder Kearon came over to me and said, 'Louise, come meet an Apostle of the Lord'. My heart about stopped, I literally felt my life change. 
Elder Kearon introduced me, and told him that I was going on my mission to Australia! He asked when I was going, and said that my 'spirit would soften many hearts'. What an amazing thing!!

I got to meet with Elder Kearon and his wife afterwards! Awh that man is amazing, he always says the exact right thing. 

An amazing evening for sure! I can't wait to teach my investigators, and testify about the spirit of general authorities of the Church. 

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