Friday, 22 January 2016

"See You Later!"...

Lucy and Courtney report to the Provo MTC in the next few days, and I am not going to lie... I totally cried!

Courtney had her farewell last Friday up in Omagh. I got out of work early and made the journey up, on a really frosty night! 

Lucy had her farewell in Bangor on the Saturday night, and that was the last time I will see Courtney before I am in Provo. We had a proper emotional trio hug... It is so surreal that it is finally time. 

Tuesday, Lucy went through the Temple for the first time, and I got to be there! It was a super long day, I was up from 3am to catch a 6.30 flight from Dublin. Another issue with the rental car meant I had to get the train from Manchester Airport to Chorley, and then a taxi the 1.5miles to the Temple. But I didn't care, because I got there in time! And it was amazing!!
We had a photo session outside afterwards, I'll attach some afterwards! But there where a lot!!
(This is a photo of the view finder - not great quality!)

Thursday night, at institute... I said my last hellos to Lucy until I get to Provo. I can't say goodbye because they are not allowing me!! Haha, so it's not goodbye, it's a see you soon!

I have 18 days of work left (12 shifts)
I fly in 27 days
I report in 32 days... 

It's getting SUPER REAL!! I am way beyond excited!

Louise x

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