Thursday, 8 October 2015

The anxious wait, and my baptisimaversary!!!

Today is my baptisimaversary!!! I know it's not technically a word, but you know what it meant, right?!?

On October 8th, 2014 at 7.00pm I entered the waters of baptism, and came out as a PERFECT PERSON. And then I quickly fell, and became an imperfect human again. But that day was still pretty amazing, lots of obstacles where overcame, and it was pretty great. And, I know that in this past year, I have grown so very much. My life has changed, in fact my goals in life have changed. Let's talk about that...

When I first joined the Church, I scoffed at the idea of a mission. I was going to get married, progress in my job and have babies! Well fast forward to August, a relationship breakdown! A Priesthood blessing, and an AMAZING time as a counsellor at FSY... well a mission was now THE PLAN.
There were a lot of challenges with my papers, I felt like I would never get them completely gone. But finally (FINGERS CROSSED) they are gone! And now I have to wait. This not something I have ever been very good at. So, I am praying I don't have too much longer to wait. I am lucky I have my friend Lucy waiting with me! And another girl... She is planning a bit of a surprise!

So guesses?? Oh, where in the world shall I go?
Well, everybody keeps joking saying Temple Square, we all know the beautiful sisters serve there! But, I know I definitely won't be going there!
I have a feeling I might go Eastern Europe (Sweden, Estonia, Ukraine) or Russia!
My Stake President thinks, France or French-Speaking (<--- that would be cool!).
But really? I know it will be where the Lord needs me! And, I cannot wait to find out where that will be, it is funny to think the Lord already knows!!!

So, these next few weeks, gosh I hope they fly! Next week I am going through the Temple, and I am so very excited for that. I know typically people wait until they have their call, but this is something I am very blessed that I can do now. I am ready, and after prayerful consideration, and counsel with my Bishop and Stake President, I am going! I feel this will help me in my preparation to serve, and hopefully give me peace as I wait.

The Church is True! I am so blessed to have found my way back to this knowledge, and I can't wait to help others on their journey!

So for now, Louise!

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