Tuesday, 20 October 2015

20/10/2015: Visiting the Temple

Oh my goodness, I love this place!!

This is the Preston, England LDS Temple.

On October 15th, I walked through the doors, about to receive my endowments. It is a big deal!! I worked hard to make sure I was ready and worthy to take that step!! The Church leadership advises Converts be in active membership for over 1 year, before they start to prepare to enter the temple. And, it is really all about worthiness, and being prepared for the responsibilities it brings!

I went 1 year and 1 week (exactly) after my baptism, I actually didn't realise it was that specific 'anniversary' until we where walking there.

It was a very, very, very stressful journey. We where truly sabotaged by satnav!! It took us into the middle of nowhere. We had no phone signal to ring anybody, and we had no GPS coverage to recalculate the directions. I was panicking. I was so stressed!! I like to be in control, and gosh did I feel like I was out of control!! But, when I entered through those doors, I was no longer anxious, I was excited.
I had two friends there with me. I was so glad to have them there. Being a convert I didn't have the blessing of my parents, and wider family being there. But, I knew that they would receive blessings from me being obedient and faithful to my covenants. 

There is a lot to take in, it is very different from anything in this world. But, it is truly of the Lord, his hand is seen in everything. I cannot wait to return, to learn more, and to continue to build my relationship with my Heavenly Father.

Some may wonder why I choose, or how I was allowed, to take out my endowments before I received my Mission Call. I spoke with my Bishop when I was preparing my papers, that I wanted to start preparing to go through the Temple, that I felt I was ready. It is part of the mission preparation, but I felt a strong desire that it should be almost separate. I had prayed a lot about it, and I was prompted to go through soon, and that it was something I needed. I felt strongly that it should not be something I was doing as a step to going on a mission. My Bishop was very supportive, and we talked at length. He consulted my Stake President, and I was told to follow his counsel, and be prepared to be told I needed to wait for my call. I was blessed with the most amazing interview with my Stake President, and I cannot testify enough to the Spirit that was in that room. It was as if he knew how to answer the questions I didn't even know how to ask! It was amazing!!!
So I went to the Temple before I got my mission call, and I know that was completely the right thing for me. If  anybody is having those promptings, I promise your Bishop and Stake President will give you the best guidance and advice.

If anybody wants to learn more about temples, and temple work, the church has lots of information on this site: Temples: FAQ's.

The Salt Lake City Temple
Hong Kong, China Temple

I love the temple, it is something that I truly feel brings new blessings with each attendance. My days are different because of the knowledge I have received. My responsibilities greater because of the covenants I have made. But, the blessings are even more evident.

I know this Church is the Lord's true church! We are here as part of an amazing plan, to achieve a potential that our Heavenly Father has made possible, through his grace. 
I cannot wait to be able to share this knowledge with the world! I cannot wait to bring others this happiness and peace I feel in my heart, when I remember the love my Saviour has for me.

Have a great day!!

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