Monday, 9 May 2016

250 Chocolate Chip Cookies...

So my wonderful companions cookie making skills where taken to the next level as she embarked to make 250 cookies for the members this week... We don't actually know how many where made, but all the ingredients are gone, and the members are all smiling!!
I don't have any good recipes, if anybody wants to send me some, for anything, I would appreciate it!!

This is Sylvie, she is the very loveable dog of one of our investigators, Stef! Sylvie made a hasty escape when we came to visit, and went and rolled in some rotten food in the park. So we did the only thing we could, we washed her!! So much fun, and there are photos that I shall send you all next week!

YOU'VE GOT MAIL!! You can call me Meg!! Haha, many thanks to all the wonderful people who show me sooooo much love!! I promise, my face when I got them was even smilier!!!

Selfies on the train, my very patient companion suffered through this!! We had the best sandwiches ever in Paramatta train station! So good!!

They where backburning the bush this week, so this is what it looks like when there is a bush fire! My camera corrects some it, but it gives you an idea! Really pretty, from a bad cause! But yup... Australia!!

​Sister Ballif lost her shoes and her stick last night to the cutest kids!! They are always so full of energy! We are teaching their family, from Sudan! Oh man cutest kids!!

Just random birds chilling on a fence!!

Love you all heaps!!

Send me pictures!!
Send me letters!!!
Send me prayers!!!!!

Sister Dorman

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