Monday, 14 March 2016

Welcome to Doonside!!!!

Hello my lovely people! Missed me??

Sorry it has been too long, but with travelling, and loosing Tuesday somewhere over Samoa, this has been my first opportunity to email you all!
So what has happened?!

So the lovely Sister Watts got to visit Temple Square the Friday before we left the MTC, where we met her mother, who brought lots of delicious fresh, healthy food!! Totally worth the 90 minutes on the frontrunner!

We said goodbye to Sister Rogers! And Brother Swenson!!

A little bit emotional... But these guys are literally amazing, and dealt with our crazy district!

SISTER THOMPSON!!!!! If anybody wants to laugh... go to the church website, the health and safety... Interview with a Germ! Promise you, proper laughed!

I got a package from the lovely Tarbets!! They are amazing... and totally made me feel loved!! I read the talks on my plane journeys!!

Sister Fairclough... my little sunbeam! I love this girl, when you find someone who just understands, you instantly love them, and this girl is totally loveable (like the December Cat)!

Sister Beck!! Haha the sassiest Sister!! She is an EMT, so we just traded funny stories. She is going to be an amazing STL... way better than me, is all I ask!!

Windy final Temple walk, and I saw my two favourites!!!
That night, our last night, we sat and talked until after 1am, and just did what we used to do! Awh man, going to miss these two awfully!! The will be making miracles in Belgium/ The Netherlands.

On the Frontrunner again, this time with suitcases that weigh more than me! The smiles is because we are going to talk with our families, and eat some real world food!

​CafĂ© Rio!!!

The Golden Gate bridge, on our flight from SLC to San Francisco!

Ok so... we got here Wednesday morning (Sydney Time), and we headed out into the field, with the Balkham Hills STLs. I was with Sister Herrera, I think I fell asleep in a lesson... I was that tired!
The next day I met my fabulous companion, Sister Ballif, from San Diego, California! She is great... I promise pictures soon.... She wouldn't thank me for sharing the ones I have!

It is very hot in Sydney! Not going to lie!! May have gotten a little sunburnt. Trying to be more sensible, and drinking way more water. But it does rain, and I have photographic proof!!

Could someone tell me when the hottest time of the day is? I think it might be around 3? But I am not sure, it is definitely not 12md anyway!!

Love you all!!

My mailing address for everything is,

Australia Sydney North Mission
756 Pennant Hills Rd

(PS... Still waiting on some email address... family members who want this, and Lauren Barnley and Janet Potts!!!)

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